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2013 Litter

High Voltage Rough Rider "Ted"
x Archway's Dual Ambition JH "Hope"


Want talent and an easy dog to have around ? This is the litter for you!

Ted has tested clear for EIC, CNM, PRA, & CERF.
He has an OFA rating of good and has normal elbows. He also carries chocolate.
Hope is a full time Pheasant guide dog and went 4/4 for her JH title.

Puppy Pedigree:

Contact Mary Holsen - Go Dog Go

Drakehaven Labradors raises selectively-bred Labrador puppies in the
following colors: black, chocolate and yellow.


All of our sires and dams are selected for genetic soundness, working ability,
intelligence and proper conformation from among the top field trial,
hunt test and conformation bloodlines available across the country.


We feel that by selecting only those dogs that possess strong working instincts,
we are able to provide each of our clients with puppies that possess the ability
to compete in field trials and hunt tests and/or become fine hunting and
family companions.